New Tools for Science Policy

A Breakfast Seminar Series

The nascent field of the social science of science policy needs to grow up, and quickly.– John Marburger, former Science Adviser to the U.S. President

How do we know what science is “the right science” to do? How can we effectively orient the vast research enterprise to make real progress toward societal goals? Since its inception, CSPO and its network of researchers have been developing models, tools, and methods to help address fundamental questions in science policy. The goal of this seminar series is to help science policy “grow up, and quickly,” by catalyzing discussions and collaborations between science policy researchers and decision makers about new ideas and approaches for improving the social value of science and technology.

Past Seminar Videos

  • Responsible AI New Tools 121523

    Andrew Maynard

  • Unacceptable Costs New Tools 111723

Past Series