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  • October 07, 2022
    CSPO DC - New Tools for Science Policy

    Creating Justice, Trust, and Inclusivity in Climate Policymaking

    How can science communication address wicked problems?

    How can science communication address wicked problems?

    Cimate change is a wicked problem that cuts across different policy domains, brings disproportionate impacts to different communities, and intensifies inequalities. Addressing wicked problems requires a collective decision process that can integrate different knowledges. On October 7 at 9AM ET, join Kaiping Chen (University of Wisconsin-Madison) to learn how science communication strategies, in-person community engagement, and community data analysis can create inclusive public policy.

    Kaiping Chen

  • October 24, 2022

    Webinar: Is There Really a STEM Workforce Shortage?

    Claims that there is a significant shortage of STEM talent have been a running feature of STEM workforce policy discussions since the 1950s. The outcomes of these discussions influence not only federal investment in education and training, but also labor and immigration policy, as well as efforts to diversify the STEM workforce. Yet, as Ron Hira writes in Issues in Science and Technology, the data to bolster such claims are often lacking, and some voices are louder than others. How can STEM workforce needs best be determined, and how should policymakers balance the many factors in play?

    On October 24 at 1:30 PM ET, join Howard University’s Ron Hira, Trevor Wagener of the Computer & Communications Industry Association, Matt Sigelman of the Burning Glass Institute, and Iris Wagstaff of Wagstaff STEM Solutions in a discussion moderated by Lydia DePillis of the New York Times on how to make STEM workforce discussions more nuanced and inclusive.

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