New Tools for Science Policy

The Transformative Impact of NASA’s User-Focused Data

About the Seminar

May 29, 2018 8:30am—10:30am

Advances in NASA’s satellite remote sensing technology have contributed to the transformation of multiple Earth science domains, putting space observations at the forefront of applied research innovations. With new satellite missions being launched every year, novel types of data are being incorporated into knowledge and decision-making systems in government institutions, civil organizations, and private industry.

One exciting—and potentially life-saving—example of this is the use of soil moisture data to predict power outages. A combination of these satellite data sets, weather models, and ground measurements allows utilities and local governments to anticipate problems and allocate resources effectively in the critical moments after an extreme weather event.

NASA has become a leader among government agencies in ensuring that the data it produces serves both the scientific and user communities. In this New Tools breakfast seminar, Vanessa Escobar, NASA’s Missions Applications and Flight Executive, will discuss how the space agency considers the needs of the user community early in its mission-design process, and how this engagement helps develop products that are organically integrated into user organizations. She also wants to hear from you, the potential expert user, about the kind of Earth science data that would be useful for achieving your organizational goals.


Location Information

Barrett & O’Connor Washington Center

1800 I St NW

Washington, DC 20006