We the Internet: Citizen and Stakeholder Dialogues

Program Areas – Responsible Innovation, Science and Technology Policy, Education and Engagement, Futures

Partner with Us!

Are you interested in becoming a local partner for the U.S. dialogues? Please contact Mahmud Farooque as soon as possible! Recruitment is already under way for our October 24-25 forums.

What is the role of the local partner?

  • As a local partner, you are an important part of representing the diversity of views across the U.S. Your city/region must host a minimum of 2 breakout groups (12-16 people total) and up to maximum of 4 breakout groups (up to 32 people). This is to ensure every region is represented but none dominate.
  • The role of a local partner involves, at a minimum, three primary responsibilities:
    1. Orientation: Attend a 1-hour project orientation and coordination session.
    2. Participant Recruitment: Promote the forum in the local community to have an applicant pool sufficient to select 12-16 representatively diverse community members (age, gender, ethnicity, connectivity, education, income, etc.)
    3. Facilitator Recruitment: Recruit 2 facilitators who will receive training prior to the forum, contact the participants immediately before the forum, lead the group conversations and take summary notes.

What will be provided (by U.S. and Global Coordinator)?

  • Orientation, facilitation and coordination training
  • Online participant recruitment platform, information materials, participant stipend
  • Facilitator training, forum contents (information, video, guide), facilitator stipend
  • Access to a web platform for results reporting
  • Print and multimedia content for the participant outreach
  • Results and summaries from all sessions

Current Local Partners