Our Driverless Futures: Community Forums on Automated Mobility

Program Areas – Responsible Innovation, Complex Socio-technical Systems


How does the forum work?

Community members apply online. About 100 individuals are selected to represent the demographic diversity of their region and sent educational information. On the day of the forum, participants sit at tables in small groups with a facilitator, watch short videos, and engage in multiple rounds of discussion about topics related to automated mobility. Throughout the day, participants complete worksheets individually and as a group. Survey and observational data collected are analyzed to provide input for technology, planning, and policy decision making for automated mobility.

The forum is comprised of 5 main sessions. Four of the sessions are shared amongst all of the international sites but the fifth session is designed by each city to address local issues.


Session 1: My Transportation Routine Today

What is your present mobility situation and what effect might driverless mobility have on it?

Session 2: Automated Systems, Trust, and Confidence

Would you be willing to give up control of a vehicle to an automated computer system and under what conditions?

Session 3: Future Automated Transportation Scenarios

What development model do citizens prefer and how do various tradeoffs affect this preference?

Session 4: Who Decides?

Who do you trust to govern this technology? What role should they play?

Session 5: Local Issues

TBD by local stakeholders: What issues are important to you? What would you like ask the public?


What is the role of the local partner?

As a local partner, your city will host one of the North American public forums.

The role of a local partner involves three primary responsibilities:

  • Participant Recruitment: Promote the forum to have an applicant pool sufficient to select 100 representatively diverse community members.
  • Event Logistics: Secure an accessible forum venue with adequate audio/video capabilities. Provide lunch and refreshments for participants and staff .
  • Forum Facilitation: Recruit approximately 16 facilitators and 4 support staff to administer the forum.
How Much Does It Cost?

We estimate that hosting a forum costs between $25,000 and $30,000, depending on the location. This includes $10,000 for participant stipends ($100 per participant), venue, food, facilitation, recruitment, and printing. All but the stipend can be covered through in-kind support from other local partners.

What You Get
  • Collaboration and guidance for local fundraising and event planning
  • Training on forum design, participant recruitment, and facilitation
  • A forum session dedicated to addressing local driverless mobility issues
  • Access to a web platform for participant recruitment and results reporting
  • Print and multimedia content for the forum and further outreach
  • Summary results from all global sessions
  • Detailed results from the local session
  • Promotion in all project communication products
Contact Mahmud Farooque for more information.