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Jason Lloyd

Managing Editor, Issues in Science and Technology

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Jay is the managing editor for Issues in Science and Technology, a quarterly journal published in partnership with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

He helps to develop and implement a variety of activities at CSPO, ranging from grant applications and program implementation to external communications.

As the managing editor of CSPO’s Rightful Place of Science book series, Jay develops, publishes, and promotes new volumes in the series. He also serves as an ASU liaison to the Future Tense partnership with Slate magazine and New America.

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Kaplan, Leah, John Nelson, David Tomblin, Mahmud Farooque, Jason Lloyd, Mark Neff, Bjørn Bedsted, and Dan Sarewitz 2019. Cooling a Warming Planet? Public Forums on Climate Intervention Research.

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Lloyd, Jason. April 14, 2017. "A March Won’t Make the Public Respect Science." Slate Magazine.

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Cavalier, Darlene and Lloyd, Jason. September 05, 2017. "Want to Help Shape the Future?." Slate Magazine.

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Lloyd, Jason and Trembath, Alex. September 12, 2017. "The Most Important Thing We Can Do to Prepare for Weather Extremes." Slate Magazine.

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Chhetri, N., Lloyd J. May 17, 2016. "A Killer Weed Finds New Life as Fertilizer, Filter, and Fuel." Zocalo Public Squate.

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