CSPO Events

March 21, 2024 12:00pm—1:30pm

Technology Policy and Regional Innovation Engines: Baltimore Equitech

With the federal government investing billions in place-based support, agencies including NIST, DOE, NSF-TIP, EDA, SBA, and others are working to spark transformative change. Simultaneously, historically overlooked regions are charting their own unique pathways to growth, building on local talents while forging new connections. What combination of science and technology policy, technology entrepreneurship, community organizations, and workforce upskilling lead to success for regional innovation engines? Is there a formula that can be replicated across the US, or does every region need to forge its own model?

This CSPO Conversations program will bring together federal policymakers in science and technology policy, innovation policy, and regional development with Baltimore-based entrepreneurs, innovators, and ecosystem builders.

Awarded Regional Technology Innovation Hub funding by the Economic Development Agency in 2023, the Baltimore Equitech initiative is developing and integrating AI, healthcare, and new energy technologies while also training locals in advanced manufacturing. The panel and discussion will address opportunities and challenges for tech-based startups in Baltimore. Additionally, we will examine what forms of collaboration and workforce development are needed for this ecosystem to succeed, and consider what metrics should be used to gauge success.


Registration for this event is by invitation only. If you wish to attend please contact [email protected].

Lunch will be provided.