• noPolitics

    Science should keep out of partisan politics

    Worldview column in Nature by Dan Sarewitz

    The Republican urge to cut funding is not necessarily anti-science, and the research community ought not to pick political sides, says Daniel Sarewitz.

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  • Illustration of journal cover

    Featured article in Environmental Science & Technology

    Illustrating Anticipatory Life Cycle Assessment for Emerging Photovoltaic Technologies

    CSPO personnel Ben Wender, Rider Foley, Jathan Sadowski and David Guston are among the co-authors of an article featured in Environmental Science & Technology journal that introduces a novel framework for anticipatory life cycle assessment (LCA).

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  • Advancing Research on Climate Resilience

    ((Focus)) on water and energy infrastructure around climate change

    CSPO continues to be at the cutting edge of worldwide efforts to understand and enhance the resilience of technological infrastructures to climate change.

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  • Globalization and Discontent

    An article by Clark Miller published in Social Epistemology: A Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Policy

    The concept of social license to operate was forged in the crucible between globalization—which has radically decentralized the ability of organizations to operate wherever they choose—and the rise of oppositional social movements, newly empowered to confront global actors infringing on their communities.

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  • Informing NASA’s Asteroid Initiative

    A Citizen Forum

    In its history, the Earth has been repeatedly struck by asteroids, large chunks of rock from space that can cause considerable damage in a collision. Can we—or should we—try to protect Earth from potentially hazardous impacts?

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  • Sonoran SciComm Workshop for Sustainability

    Erik Fisher was the music leader for a Sonoran Science Communication workshop, which Tom Seager organized. The participants learned and recorded a song Fisher wrote for the occasion entitled “Desert Rain.

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Blog: As We Now Think


Why Be A Session Aide?

Excerpted from blog post by Eric Kennedy, PhD student “As you move from undergraduate programs to grad school, you begin to learn that there’s more to science than meets the eye. Science isn’t the factoids in introductory textbooks, but rather the ideas, conversations, and processes of asking good questions in rigorous ways, together. Indeed, even […]

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Ebola case shows importance of teamwork in healthcare

by Heather Ross, HSD Student The White House’s announcement on Friday that it has Ebola “under control” is patently ridiculous. As we witnessed with the case in Dallas last week, and have been reminded by the failure of a properly deployed Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) checklist, the system of Ebola transmission is […]

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The social costs of energy transitions

By Clark A. Miller Even as leader after leader in New York exhorted each other last week to take action to address climate change, a steady drumbeat of news has also highlighted just how rapidly global energy systems are beginning to change — and how fast the disruptive social and economic consequences of energy transitions […]

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