Science, Policy and Citizenship Program

Program Areas – Education and Engagement

Program Goals:

This program provides an important opportunity for high school age students to learn and engage in emerging science and engineering issues from the citizen’s perspective – to consider the social and ethical issues that may accompany transformative technologies like climate geoengineering and synthetic biology. It has three primary goals:

  1. Educational: Teach students about the transformative impact of science and engineering at a grand scale and the role experts, citizens and lawmakers play in resolving them.
  2. Research: Test the efficacy of methods, technology and processes of using participatory technology assessment as a decision-making tool in science and technology policy.
  3. Outreach: Demonstrate that the public can be effectively engaged – even at a young age – to formulate and express informed ideas that contribute to democratic approaches in dealing with technology and society.

Program Coordinators:


Program Sequence:

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