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G. Pascal (Gregg) Zachary

Professor of Practice
Consortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes and ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication


Gregg Zachary joined the CSPO faculty in 2010. He works at the intersection of history, technological change, globalization and communications. He tracks science and technology policy at the national level and charts the relationship between technoscience, political economy and development at the international level, and relies on qualitative research methods in his field research in Africa. In his domestic policy analysis, he meshes historical literature, narrative storytelling and concise point-of-view essays for wide general audiences. With David Guston, he is preparing a new core course for the professional masters program. With Clark Miller, he is preparing Writing the Future, a course on fiction and technological assessment. He also teaches a course on Africa, technology and development, for the global technology program. Zachary is the author of four books, most recently Married to Africa. He worked as a senior writer for The Wall Street Journal for many years and has published widely on technological change since the early 1980s. He wrote a column on innovation for The New York Times and presently writes “The Scientific Estate” series for IEEE Spectrum.

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Pascal Zachary G. October 19, 2016. "Software, the Invisible Technology." IEEE

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Zachary, G. Pascal (Gregg). August 24, 2016. "Cognitive Enhancement on the (Pokémon) Go." IEEE Spectrum.

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Zachary, G. Pascal (Gregg). 2016. Celebrating Claude Shannon. IEEE.

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Zachary, G. Pascal (Gregg). 2016. Erfolg durch Anpassung (Based on Europe’s refugee crisis – German). Rotary Magazin, Germany.

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Zachary, G. Pascal (Gregg). June 17, 2015. "Let’s Shape AI Before AI Shapes Us." IEEE Spectrum.

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