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Cynthia Selin

Associate Professor, School of Sustainability


Cynthia Selin is an interdisciplinary scholar of Science, Technology and Society (STS) with significant research, outreach and training experience at the intersection between sustainability, foresight and the governance of innovation. Dr. Selin’s research investigates novel scenario methods and future-oriented deliberative processes. Dr. Selin has conducted future-oriented research around nanotechnology, climate change, human enhancement, renewable energy systems, medical diagnostics, cities, nuclear energy and synthetic biology. Dr. Selin has published broadly on foresight and innovation with publications in Science, Technology and Human Values, Futures, Cities, Science and Engineering Ethics, and Time & Society. In addition to her theoretical and applied research into the ways and means of the future, Dr. Selin has worked extensively and pragmatically with scenarios and strategy across a diverse array of organizations including large companies, laboratories, cities, museums, non-profits and multi-stakeholder groups. Dr. Selin is also an Associate Fellow at the University of Oxford where she is core faculty in the Oxford Scenarios Programme.

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Selin C. E., Rawlings K. C.,Davies S., Sadowski J., Gano G., Guston D. "Experiments in Engagement: Designing PEST for Capacity-Building." Public Understanding of Science.

Altamirano-Allende, Carlo and Selin, Cynthia. 2015. "Seeing the City: Photography as a Place of Work." Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences: 1-10.

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Altamirano-Allende, Carlo and Selin, Cynthia. 2015. "Seeing the city: photography as a place of work." Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences, 1-10.

Selin, Cynthia. 2014. "Merging Art and Design in Foresight: Making Sense of Emerge." Futures.

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Ramirez, R. and Selin, Cynthia. Forthcoming, "Plausibility and Probability in Scenario Planning." Foresight.