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Emily Hostetler

Project Manager for pTA, CSPO



Emily Hostetler (she/her) is a Project Manager for Participatory Technology Assessments (pTA) for the Consortium for Science, Policy, and Outcomes at Arizona State University (ASU) where she plans, develops, and implements pTA projects while guiding teams to successfully complete project deliverables. 

Before joining ASU, Emily spent nearly 10 years at the Museum of Science, Boston where she worked closely with government, academic, industry, and community partners to create and oversee a variety of engagement projects spanning round-table public conversations, town hall expert panel discussions, hands-on activity demonstrations, and professional training workshops. Her experience includes developing nationally implemented climate forums on extreme weather hazards and solar geoengineering, co-created community-based forums on substance use disorder, food justice, and affordable housing, and timely local discussions around vaccinations and artificial intelligence. 

Emily received her BA from Ohio Wesleyan University where she studied Biology and Journalism. She lives in Boston, MA where she spends most of her time in the city going to concerts, and the rest of her time trying to leave the city to watch birds.

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