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Nalini Chhetri

Assistant Director, CSPO
Lecturer, School of Sustainability

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Nalini Chhetri’s academic and research interests lie in climate change and adaptation, science policy, education policy, international development and sustainability, women, children in developing nations, knowledge systems from non-western perspectives, NGOs and global society, participatory research, and citizen engagement in science. She works closely with ASU Engineering faculty providing social science perspective in technology and development for low- capita nations. She has worked with United Nations and European bilateral agencies in international development issues. With extensive field experience in South and Southeast Asia, Dr. Chhetri has worked and lived in Nepal, India, Ghana, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and the United States.

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CSPO Projects
Alternative Imaginations Research Cluster
World Wide Views on Global Warming

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Chhetri N., Chhetri N. 2015. "Alternative Imaginations: Examining Complementarities across Knowledge Systems." Indigenous Innovation, eds. Huaman E. S. and Sriraman B., 11-23. Sense Publishers.

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Chhetri, N. B. and N. Chhetri "Alternative imaginations: Examining complementarities across knowledge systems." Indigenous Innovation: Universalities and Peculiarities, 11-24. Sense Publishers.

Middel, A., N. Chhetri and R. Quay 2015. "Urban forestry and cool roofs: Assessment of heat mitigation strategies in Phoenix residential neighborhoods." Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, 14(1): 178–186.

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Middel, Ariane, Selover, Nancy, Hagen, Björn and Chhetri, Nalini. 2016. "Impact of shade on outdoor thermal comfort—a seasonal field study in Tempe, Arizona." International Journal of Biometeorology, 1-13.

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Chhetri, Nalini, Chuang, Wen-Ching, Hondula, David M., Karner, Alex, Middel, Ariane and Selover, Nancy. 2015. Arizona Extreme Weather. Climate and Health Profile Report,