The Ongoing Transformation

Announcing a new podcast from Issues in Science & Technology!

Issues has always been intensely interested in how science transforms society and how society shapes science. Now this transformation has come to Issues itself: building on decades of advances in digital technology, communications infrastructure, and public policy, we finally have a podcast. Fittingly, it’s called The Ongoing Transformation, and it allows us to talk with scientists, artists, policymakers, theorists, and other thinkers about our shared technosocial project.

For our first episode, senior editor Josh Trapani talks with Mitch Ambrose and Will Thomas, editors of the must-read science policy news service FYI. They offer an insider’s view of the ever-widening world of science policy—explaining that S&T issues are now on the docket of nearly every legislative committee.

Our second episode looks at how researchers might change the way they develop scientific knowledge to be more inclusive and more effective. Lindy Elkins-Tanton, principal investigator of NASA’s Psyche mission and Arizona State University’s Interplanetary Initiative vice president, talks with me about her revolutionary approach to team science.

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