Specialization Areas


Students may choose from a variety of areas of specialization in our programs, or students may construct their own unique specialization.

Science, Technology & Diplomacy

Science and technology are engines of modern society and driving forces in globalization and international markets. Many of the greatest challenges faced in the 21st century – sustainable energy, increased global access to healthcare, improved international security, and global development – lay at the intersection of science, technology, and international relations. We are excited to offer a new opportunity for students in graduate programs at the Consortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes to learn the knowledge and skills necessary to confront these challenges by specializing in the field of science and technology diplomacy. Our goal is to train future scientists, engineers, and foreign policy leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary for successful professional careers in this increasingly important field.

Organizational Learning and Innovation for Science and Technology

Organizations today need to adapt rapidly to changing conditions, to work creatively and in an integrative fashion across their technical and people sides, to promote socially responsible innovation, and above all to learn in a comprehensive fashion. We are excited to offer a new opportunity for graduate students in the Consortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes to specialize in enhancing organizational learning and innovation in a variety of institutional settings in science and technology fields. Students specializing in this area will acquire specific knowledge, skills, tools, and approaches to help businesses and public sector agencies better manage the interface between their people and their science or technology.