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Arnim Wiek

Assistant Professor School of Sustainability


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Foley, R.W., Bernstein, M.J., Wiek, A. November 18, 2016. "Towards an alignment of activities, aspirations and stakeholders for responsible innovation."

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Wiek A., Foley R., Guston D., Bernstein M. 2016. "Broken Promises and Breaking Ground for Responsible Innovation – Intervention Research to Transform Business-as-Usual in Nanotechnology Innovation." Technological Analysis and Strategic Management.

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Foley, Rider W. and Wiek, Arnim. 2014. "Scenarios of nanotechnology innovation vis-à-vis sustainability challenges." Futures.

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Foley, Rider W., Petrucci, Darren and Wiek, Arnim. December 08, 2014. "Imagining the Future City." Issues in Science and Technology, Fall: 80-90.

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Arora, Sanjay K., Foley, Rider W., Youtie, Jan, Shapira, Philip and Wiek, Arnim. 2014. "Drivers of technology adoption the case of nanomaterials in building construction." Technological Forecasting and Social Change, In Press.

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