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Jesse Senko

Faculty, Arizona State University

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Jesse Senko is an Assistant Research Professor and Senior Sustainability Scientist at Arizona State University. His research links science (natural and social) with practice (management and policy) to understand and solve dynamic social-ecological conservation challenges of the 21st century. He is particularly interested in creative, transdisciplinary approaches to improve fisheries sustainability, protect vulnerable ocean wildlife, and increase resiliency in coastal communities worldwide. Senko partners with scientists, fishers, engineers, NGOs, and government to develop, test, and implement 1) fisheries and wildlife conservation innovation that reduces bycatch of protected species such as sea turtles and sharks without compromising fishing profitability or efficiency; 2) community and market-based solutions to address pressing global fisheries and wildlife conservation problems. An avid recreational fisher who grew up in New England, Senko majored in fisheries and wildlife sciences at the University of Connecticut, received his master’s in wildlife ecology and conservation from the University of Florida, and earned his Ph.D. in biology from Arizona State University.

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