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Jathan Sadowski

HSD Graduate Student


Jathan Sadowski mostly writes about political economy and social theory/justice. He is currently researching and writing a dissertation about “smart cities”—looking at questions related to discourse and policy (how do people conceptualize and implement them?), power and control (who makes decisions and how are people differently affected?), and cyborg urbanization (how do the interfaces between body–tech–city change?).

Jathan is the graduate research assistant for the Frankenstein Bicentennial Project, and he works with CNS on public engagement and technology assessment.

He also freelance write features, op-eds, and book reviews about the politics/ethics of technology for many popular magazines, newspapers, and blogs. Check out more at his website: jathansadowski.com

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Sadowski, J., Guston D. 2015. "TA as an Institutionalized Practice: Recent Developments in the USA." Technikfolgenabschätzung – Theorie und Praxis, 24(1): 54-59.

Taylor A. and Sadowski J. 2015. Digital Redlining.

Sadowski, J. 2015. Stop Treating Citizens as Consumers.

Sadowski, J. 2015. Technology Should Emancipate Workers, Not Oppress Them.

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Sadowski, J. 2015. Is Uber’s Ultimate Goal the Privatisation of City Governance?.

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