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Robert Charette

Contributing editor, IEEE Spectrum


Robert N. Charette is an internationally acknowledged authority on risk management, information systems and technology, systems engineering, the lean development & management of large-scale software-intensive systems, and risk entrepreneurship and innovation. Since founding ITABHI Corp. in 1987, he has served as a senior advisor to a wide variety of Fortune 100 companies, high tech consortiums, and government departments on the effectiveness, impacts, and rewards/risks of their high-technology programs and policies. A computer scientist by training, Charette served on the National Research Council’s post-Challenger select panel evaluating the effectiveness of NASA’s space shuttle’s software safety program. Charette has written widely on the subject of risk management, project and program management, innovation and entrepreneurship. He is a contributing editor to IEEE Spectrum magazine, where he writes the Risk Factor blog. He also writes regularly for Business Intelligence ReviewGovernment Executive magazine, and the Cutter IT Journal.

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