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Chhetri, Netra, Lloyd, Jason, Nordhaus, Ted, Pielke Jr. , Roger A., Joyashree, Roy and Sarewitz, Daniel. March, 2016. "Adaptation for a High-Energy Planet." Consortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes and The Breakthrough Institute, Washington, DC.


Dirks, Gary, King, Loren, Laird, Frank, Lloyd, Jason, Lovering, Jessica, Nordhaus, Ted, Pielke Jr., Roger, et al. 2014. High-Energy Innovation, A Climate Pragmatism Project.

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Sarewitz, Daniel, Shellenberger, Michael, Nordhaus, Ted, Joyashree, Roy, Pielke Jr. , Roger A., Luke, Max, et al. 2014. Our High-Energy Planet – A Climate Pragmatism Project. Breakthrough Institute & Consortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes.

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