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Carl Mitcham

Colorado School of Mines


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Sorondo, Marcelo, Mitcham, Carl and Douglas, Heather. 2010. The Truth of Science for Justice and Peace. CSPO Report # 10-03. Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ.

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Schneider, Jennifer and Mitcham, Carl. May 01, 2008. "Working Toward Nanotechnology Consensus." ethix, 59: 18-19.

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Mitcham, Carl and Fisher, Erik. 2012. Ethics and Policy. In Chadwick, R. (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics. San Diego: Academic Press. 165-172.

Fisher, Erik, Mahajan, Roop L. and Mitcham, Carl. 2006. "Midstream Modulation of Technology: Governance from Within." Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society, 26(6): 486-496.

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Crow, Michael M., Frodeman, Robert, Guston, David, Mitcham, Carl, Sarewitz, Daniel and Zachary, G. Pascal (Gregg). 2013. The Rightful Place of Science: Politics. Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes.