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Carolyn Mattick

CSPO PhD Graduate 2014



earth systems engineering; renewable energy

Honors and Awards

  • Sustainabilty Energy Fellowship, 2007


B.S., Aerospace Engineering, Purdue University, 1994

M.B.A., Entrepreneurship, University of Colorado, 2000

M.S., Sustainability, Arizona State University, 2009

Ph.D., Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering, Arizona State University, 2014

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Mattick, Carolyn, Wetmore, Jameson M. and Allenby, Braden. 2015. "An Anticipatory Social Assessment of Factory-Grown Meat." Technology and Society Magazine, IEEE, 34(1): 56-64.

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Allenby, Braden and Mattick, Carolyn. September, 2013. "The Future of Meat." Issues in Science and Technology, 30(1): 64-70.

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Allenby, Braden and Mattick, Carolyn. December 10, 2013. "Cultured Meat and Emerging Technologies." Talk. New Tools for Science Policy, Washington, DC.

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