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Owen Marshall

PhD Student
Cornell University

Former CSPO Management Intern and CSPO Undergraduate Intern


I’m interested in the social aspect of sound production and analysis, particularly the development of expert listening cultures and technology in both musical and scientific contexts. This includes Auto-Tune/Melodyne, bioacoustic research, transduction/visualization approaches, and technopolitical soundscapes. I’m also interested in global disease surveillance networks as a negotiating ground for multiple global imaginaries of health and governance. Cases of interest include the WHO’s Global Influenza Surveillance Network, INGO information sharing networks such as PRO-MED Mail, and the viropiracy/viral sovereignty controversy.

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Marshall, Owen. 2014. "Synesthetizing Sound Studies and the Sociology of Technology." Sociology Compass, 8(7): 948958.

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Marshall, Owen. April 21, 2014. "A Brief History of Auto-Tune." Blog post on Sounding Out!.

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