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Genevieve Maricle

Global Knowledge and Innovation Lead, Climate and Energy Practice

World Wildlife Fund


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Fisher, Erik and Maricle, Genevieve. 2014. "Higher-level responsiveness? Socio-technical integration within US and UK nanotechnology research priority setting." Science and Public Policy.

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Maricle, Genevieve. 2011. "Prediction as an Impediment to Preparedness: Lessons from the US Hurricane and Earthquake Research Enterprises." Minerva, 49(1): 87-111.

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Maricle, Genevieve. 2008. Shaping Science: How to Turn Science Studies into Science Action. Doctoral Dissertation. Environmental Studies, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.

Maricle, Genevieve. January, 2008. "The State of Policy and Socio-Economic Research." Presentation. American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.

Maricle, Genevieve. December, 2007. "Shaping Science: Turning Science Studies into Science Action." Presentation. Center for Science and Technology Policy Research Noontime Seminar Series, Boulder, CO.