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Lauren Withycombe Keeler


Lauren Withycombe Keeler is a postdoctoral fellow in the Center for Nanotechnology in Society. She has a PhD in Sustainability from ASU and comes to CNS by way of Leuphana University in L√ľneburg, Germany. In her research and teaching Lauren uses foresight methods to explore plausible and surprising impacts of emerging technologies to inform responsible innovation, anticipatory governance, and broader and more informed public participation in building a sustainable future.

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Keeler, Lauren Withycombe and Foley, Rider W. 2015. "The Monster and the polar bears: constructing the future knowledge landscape of synthetic biology to inform responsible innovation." Journal of Responsible Innovation, 2(1): 81-84.

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Wiek, Arnim, Keeler, Lauren Withycombe, Schweizer, Vanessa and Lang, Daniel J. Under review, 2012. "Plausibility Indications in Future Scenarios." International Journal of Foresight and Innovation Policy.

Foley, Rider W., Kuzdas, C., Warner, B., Keeler, Lauren Withycombe, D, Iwaniec and Wiek, Arnim. February, 2012. "Designing Sustainable Governance: Cross-Domain Comparison and Evaluation." Poster Presentation. 3rd Annual International Conference on Sustainability Science, Tempe, AZ.

Keeler, Lauren Withycombe and Wiek, Arnim. In preparation, "What if the Future is not what we Envisioned? Advances in Sustainability Research and Planning through Contrasting, Non-intervention Scenarios." Working Paper.