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Gary M. Grossman

Associate Professor, School of Letters and Sciences
CSPO Director
Global Technology and Development Program


Gary Grossman offers more than three decades of experience in the management of social, education, technology, and employment and training projects in the United States and abroad. He joined the faculty of ASU in 1994. Experienced in the administration of World Bank, U.S. Government, and privately funded projects, Grossman also led the development of a unique transdisciplinary, transnational major in ASU’s Master of Science in Technology program. This degree concentration, entitled “Global Technology and Development,” features the combined perspectives of social science research and emerging technological models and is aimed at providing students an opportunity to explore the critical questions of globalization, commerce, sustainable development, information technology, transportation, education, and biotechnology which affect all nations.

Grossman is internationally recognized for leadership in his areas of interest and has built his career on the mutuality of interests between higher education and the needs of the society of which it is a part, both in his native country and around the world. He was awarded a Fulbright Grant, 2002-2004, and spent that period engaged in research and teaching at Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey. He currently is engaged in research, based upon that experience, that explores linkages among technology, education, and development. He joined the CSPO faculty in 2009 and will extend his research agenda to encompass the role of science and technology in development issues around the world.

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Chhetri, Netra and Grossman, Gary M. 2012. "Policy Makers Versus People." The Cairo Review of Global Affairs, 5.

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