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Guillermo Foladori

Affiliated Scholar


Guillermo Foladori’s work focuses on environmental, health and technological issues. His recent book is Nanotecnologías Disruptivas (Spanish) (Miguel Angel Porrúa, 2006). His current research is on the socio-economic implication of nanotechnologies for developing countries.

He is also on the executive committee of the International Nanotechnology & Society Network, and of the Latin American Nanotechnology & Society Network.

He has more than ten books written and dozens of articles in journals. He was a  research fellow at CSPO between 2002-2003; and professor in Brazil, Uruguay, México, Honduras and Nicaragua. Currently, he is Professor at the University of Zacatecas in México, and member of the National System of Researchers (Conacyt).

He received his Ph.D. from the Universidad Autónoma de México in Economics.

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Foladori, Guillermo. November 24, 2010. "Opinion: Nanotech for health is not just about disease." SciDev Net - Science and Development Network.

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Invernizzi, Noela, Foladori, Guillermo and Guivant, Julia. April 08, 2005. "Nanotecnologia e Sociedade." Jornal da Cincia, E-mail 2743.

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Foladori, Guillermo and Invernizzi, Noela. 2005. "Nanotecnologia: beneficio para todos o mayor desigualdad." Working Paper. Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ.

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Invernizzi, Noela, Foladori, Guillermo and Maclurcan, Donald. November 15, 2007. "The Role of Nanotechnologies in Development and Poverty Alleviation: A Matter of Controversy." AZojono Journal of Nantechnology Online.

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Foladori, Guillermo. 2003. Can PPPs in Health Cope with Social Needs. Vol. 1, Sec. 3, Knowledge Flows and Knowledge Collectives: Understanding the Role of Science and Technology Policies in Development. Center for Science, Policy and Outcomes, Columbia University.

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