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Eric Kennedy

HSD PhD Student


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Jensen, E. A., Kennedy, E. B., Verbeke, M. "Outreach: Science festivals preach to the choir." Nature: 193.

Kennedy, Eric and Ho, Jacqueline. April 22, 2015. "Discursive diversity in introductory environmental studies." Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences, 5(2): 200-206.

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Kennedy, Eric. 2015. "Online algorithms and election education." Engaging Science, Technology, and Society, 1: 73-78.

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Cavalier, Darlene and Kennedy, Eric. 2016. The Rightful Place of Science: Citizen Science. Consortium for Science, Policy, & Outcomes.

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Kennedy, Eric. March 30, 2016. "Book Review: The Climate Resilient Organization: Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change and Weather Extremes.."

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