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Darren Petrucci

SunCor Professor of Architecture and Urban Design

The Design School
Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona


Darren Petrucci is an architect and professor in The Design School at Arizona State University where he served as School Director from 2005-2012. He is the founder and principal of A-I-R [Architecture-Infrastructure-Research] Inc., and its mirror company R-I-A [Redefining-Innovation-Agency] Inc. He received both a Master’s Degree in Architecture and a Master’s Degree of Architecture & Urban Design from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design. His design thinking work focuses on leading, teaching, and consulting with collaborative transdisciplinary teams that work toward transformative design solutions to complex problems. He is a member of the Como Innovation Summit , a recipient of the New York Architecture League’s  “Emerging Voices” award, the winner of a Progressive Architecture Award, a Record House Award , and two NCARB Prizes  for excellence in teaching and practice.

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Foley, Rider W., Petrucci, Darren and Wiek, Arnim. December 08, 2014. "Imagining the Future City." Issues in Science and Technology, Fall: 80-90.

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