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Brian David Johnson


The future is Brian David Johnson’s business. As a futurist he develops an actionable 10-15 year vision for the future of technology and what it will feel like to live in the future. His work is called futurecasting—using ethnographic field studies, technology research, trend data, and even science fiction to provide a pragmatic vision of consumers and computing. Johnson works with governments, militaries, trade organizations, start-ups, and multinational corporations to help them envision their future. He was appointed the first futurist ever at the Intel Corporation in 2009.

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SciFutures, Trina Marie Phillips, Brian David Johnson, Deborah Walker, Ari Popper, Laurence Raphael Brothers, Christopher Cornell, Holly Schofield, Sofie Bird, Gary Kloster, Bo Balder 2016. The City of the Future. SciFutures Inc.

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