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Diana Bowman


Diana M. Bowman is an associate professor in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society and the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. Her research analyzes and informs the development of smarter governance and regulation of innovation in order to simultaneously enhance creativity, improve public health, and stimulate deliberation of the ethical, legal, and societal dimensions of emerging technologies.

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Andrew D. Maynard, Diana M. Bowman, James G. Hodge 2016. "Mitigating Risks to Pregnant Teens from Zika Virus." The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, 44(4): 657-659.

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Garden, H., Bowman, D.M., Haesler, S., Winickoff, D.E. 2016. "Neurotechnology and Society: Strengthening Responsible Innovation in Brain Science." Neuron, 92(3): 642–646.

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Fitzharrs M., Bingham R., Bowman D.M. et al. 2015. "The MUARC-TAC Enhanced Crash Investigation Study: A platform to 1 understand the causes and consequences of serious injury crashes."

Bowman, Diana, Chaudhry, Q and Gergely, A. 2015. "‘Evidence-based Regulation of Food Nanotechnologies: A Perspective from the European Union and United States." Nanotechnology and Functional Foods: Effective Delivery of Bioactive Ingredients, 358-373. New Jersey: Wiley-Blackwell.

Reichow, A and Bowman, Diana. 2015. "Roles of Non-Governmental Organizations in the Governance of Nanomaterials." Practices of Innovation and Responsibility: Insights from Methods, Governance and Action, eds. Bowman D.M., Lente v. L., Woll S. and Dijkstra A., 69-84. Berlin: IOS Press.