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Braden Allenby

Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering


Brad Allenby is the Lincoln Professor of Engineering and Ethics, and professor of Civil, Environmental, and Sustainable Engineering, and of Law, at Arizona State University. He is the founding director of the Center for Earth Systems Engineering and Management, and the founding chair of the Consortium for Emerging Technologies, Military Operations, and National Security, at ASU. He authored the most recent book in The Rightful Place of Science series, Future Conflict & Emerging Technologies (2016). His areas of expertise include industrial ecology, sustainable engineering, earth systems engineering and management, and emerging technologies. Dr. Allenby is the author of several other books, including Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Engineering (co-authored with Tom Graedel, 2010), The Theory and Practice of Sustainable Engineering (2011), and The Techno-Human Condition (with Dan Sarewitz, 2011)


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Mattick, Carolyn, Wetmore, Jameson M. and Allenby, Braden. 2015. "An Anticipatory Social Assessment of Factory-Grown Meat." Technology and Society Magazine, IEEE, 34(1): 56-64.

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Allenby, Braden. March 04, 2015. "Choose at Your Own Risk: How technology is changing our choices and the values that."

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Allenby, Braden and Sarewitz, Daniel. January 12, 2015. "There’s No Place Like Home." Slate Future Tense.

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Allenby, Braden and Mattick, Carolyn. September, 2013. "The Future of Meat." Issues in Science and Technology, 30(1): 64-70.

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Allenby, Braden and Hagerott, Mark. January, 2014. "Universal Conscription as Technology Policy." Issues in Science and Technology, 30(2): 41-46.

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