CSPO Events

December 09, 2014 5:00pm—7:30pm

Teamwork in Science: Optimizing Collaboration

ACS Science & the Congress Project and Arizona State University’s Consortium on Science Policy Outcomes (ASU CSPO)

Science is a human endeavor, often conducted by teams of researchers. The human interactions between team members can mean some projects flourish or exceed their goals while other studies flounder or crumble. In a world with limited resources to support complex or high-stakes scientific research, understanding effective team structures can inform science policy and research priority decisions. This panel will bring their experience from different scientific research sectors and ideas on how scientists can build productive teams and avoid dysfunctional collaborations.


  • Dan Sarewitz, Ph.D., ASU
    Co-Director , CSPO
    Dir., Center for Nanotechnology in Society
    Professor of Science and Society; Professor, School of Life Sciences and School of Sustainability


  • Anthony “Tony: Boccanfuso, University-Industry Demonstration Partnership
  • Adam Parris, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • William “Bill” Provine, Ph.D., DuPont
    Director, Science & Technology External Affairs