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October 28, 2015 12:00pm—1:00pm

EnLIGHTteNING Lunch with Armin Grunwald

Sustainable Development: issues of techno-optimism, eco-modernism, and responsibility

In the ‘Eco-modernist Manifesto’ published some months ago by the Breakthrough Institute technological advancement is regarded as key for reaching more sustainable development. The main idea is to accelerate technological advancement in order to enhance the efficiency in, for example energy and food provision, so quickly that large parts of the Earth’s surface could be given back to nature. In my talk I will challenge those assumptions and expectations from the perspective of Technology Assessment (TA). My concern is that the eco-modernist approach might be morally hazardous because of a naïve techno-optimism ignoring the ambivalences of technology and the issue of non-intended side-effects. To avoid this bias, a broader spectrum of sustainability strategies should be envisaged.

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Pizza will be served.

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