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Dr. Jennifer Richter is an Assistant Professor in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society and the Consortium of Science, Policy and Outcomes.  Her research interests are at the intersections of science and society, and how federal policies are enacted locally. Specifically, she focuses on nuclear energy and waste policies and how they affect small communities in America’s “nuclear corridor” in southeastern New Mexico. By examining how science and technology policies collide with local expectations and understandings of environment and economy, Dr. Richter explores the different scales of nuclear technologies and policies.

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Miller, Clark A., Richter, Jennifer and O'Leary, Jason. 2015. "Socio-energy systems design: A policy framework for energy transitions." Energy Research & Social Science, 6: 29-40.

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Richter, Jennifer. May 23, 2014. "Small Modular Reactors: The future of nuclear energy?." Ethics in Science, Technology and Engineering, 2014 IEEE International Symposium, Chicago, IL.

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Miller, Clark A. and Richter, Jennifer. 2014. "Social Planning for Energy Transitions." Current Sustainable/Renewable Energy Reports.

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